Eternal Sunshines
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Eternal Sunshines

Eternal Sunshines

Have you ever seen this movie before? It is about the story of a couple who think that their relationships are getting worst, so they want to erase their memories to  move on. How they did that?? It is the scientific method by erasing the brain sections that keep all the memories..amazing, right??

While I was watching the movie, I though of you.....

I love you, I knew we are arguing too much, too many times, too hard to accept.  I want to get thing better but I know you will never believe me.

Sometimes, I just want to walk away like this movie, get thing done and walk..walk away.

I am very upset, when I realize that I dont love you like before. I want to feel the same like when we first met.

I know you feel the same way as I do...

Whatever it might happens, I still love you so far and I wont let my memories gone.


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Posted on Sun 10 Feb 2008 14:32


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