Is this normal?
It was great
first (proper) date
I'm just a dreamer
what for?
Born to try...
Am I crazy or what?
happy new year to all thai people
back to the UK
Austria here we go
I don't wanna fall again
I've fucked it all up
deeply in love then deeply in pain,boobs hanging out
I'm a proud mother
I walk alone
I'm losing my way...
its hard being a single mum
you're here ,you're there,you're every where
the girls aren't well
its big ,its hard and I had it !!!!
my day off (better or worse I got you)
if I let myself sink I'll sink to the bottom of the sea
get the f....k out of my life
you have punished me enough
why me?
I've got a dongle
I don't like to see my kids get upset
I thought it was mine.
I do what I have to do
I did it because I care about you.
finally moved
I'm moving house and starting a new life without him
super tired
meeting up with friends
I'm up for it

I'm losing my way...


<< its hard being a single mumI walk alone >>

Posted on Thu 11 Mar 2010 19:58