CNY and Bank's Birthday




1 : black valentine's party
2 : love me gently
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falling for his hugs
CNY and Bank's Birthday
Chinese New Year Preparation
Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die
sweet :)
my hero wears combat boots
I'm stronger and tougher
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س¤ ѹźҹѧ¹Ф ҹҹҹҡеѹ سµǨԧҡ ˹ҵҹѡǹФ ǹẺͺ 蹡ѧоʹ ԨҢ硹Դ س˹Ҵبѧ¤ ͺ ͺҧչ֧͹ѹҤ¡Ѻس ˹Ҵ㨴թѺѹ ͹áҡѡФ Ǥس 繤سº͡Ҥسҡ¹ 㨡ҡҹԹ价ѡǺ͡سس¹䴵 դѡسաФ ѡʴ͡¡鹵 ѹչФФس ѡѹҹ ٻʹ ΌԹմѡ˹¹Ф ҹҹԧ
Sun 10 Feb 2008 0:21 [14]

ҨзǨԧ ٨ҡٻ¡Ѻ ˹Ҿ¢Ẻҡ
شѡѡ 鹻ԴԹ͹ҧ׹ ա˹¨ͧʧҹ

Sat 9 Feb 2008 13:09 [13]

ҹá ˹ʨѧ ..
áѹͤ ѧúǹҺ͡˹¹Ф
ͺس ^_^
Sat 9 Feb 2008 10:27 [12]

I love your shirt, can u tell me where did u buy it and how much was it? thanks a lot. For those ppl who don't matter to you, just ignore them. You have a wonderful family, good friends, good boyfriend and cute dogs. (Bo is the cutest in my point of view) There's no room to think about any bad people. Move on happily, my daisy. You always have our support. I confess all of my friends and some of my sisters love you and the way you dress and live your life.
Sat 9 Feb 2008 0:30 [11]

drop it   
Fri 8 Feb 2008 23:43 [10]

úǹͧ ҡҺ´Ф ҤҴ¹Ш
úǹͺҧ E-Mail ˹¹Ф ͺس
Fri 8 Feb 2008 20:58 [9]

ҷҹͷѹ ǹ ͨcase ͹

ͧʹкѹҹԹẺѹҧ仴Ծ 55+
Fri 8 Feb 2008 20:11 [8]


...֡ҵͧѧҧҹԹ 555 (ҷԵҧ ҷԵ˹ҡͧͺਤǤ..ͺǡ繹ѡ֡)

Fri 8 Feb 2008 15:23 [7]

Fri 8 Feb 2008 14:27 [6]

ʺҡҧ͡ ѹҹẺŴ͡ǡѺǡẺá ©شŧǹá˹ѺǡѹдǷ͡ ҹ¨ѧվҴҷ褹ѹШͧԨ ѹջ¼ѹ աǡ
Fri 8 Feb 2008 14:24 [5]

ͧ ѧࡵ· 鹪ͺͧ

ʺҹ ͧ蹷跹ú鴹ͧҹ ͹鹾ѧº (ҵҺʹ)


繢ͧ ͧ 㨹Ҿ () ͺͧ ҡԧ «ͧ͢ ѧ跹
Fri 8 Feb 2008 12:18 [4]

ع ... ¡ѹҹ ... ʹ㨤 ... ´˹Ԥ ͨͧ˹
Fri 8 Feb 2008 9:09 [3]

HBD bank ka and

Happy Chinese New Year to you all naka

Fri 8 Feb 2008 8:39 [2]

I love the way u dress and live ur life. I can feel that u r a good woman. I am on ur side. Fighto!
Fri 8 Feb 2008 5:06 [1]




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