Dear my honey husband

                         Dear my honey husband                                                            

      Today im sad so much coz yesterday i said good  bye with my honey husband but who know im never forgot this guy he's good guy  , he's good husband and for me only he's my husband. I don't know in furture what i can do when im not have he... where's my way ?? and i don't know and not sure we can coame back agian ?? i have freedom all my life , im not a perfact girl but when he come to my husband anything im my life always change.. i like stay at home for wait u im not go club im fulltime wifehouse 
      Dear ka if u can see this page i want u know i love u so much u're my honey husband all my life im sorry about last night what i said with u anything im lie u .  From my hear  u're only my honey husband , u're only be come to my heart i don't have another guy , im never go out and not have another guy can come at here. i say coz im was angry u so much u not listen me anything . and i think u know in last night im lie u dear ka i know what u feeling now i know u cry i know u sad and im sure u not sleep all night . 
     If now we say good bye really pls remember i will do same u im not have new hus im never have new bf never have another can stay at my heart and im sorry na ka im sorry make u sad all time im sorry for anything  now pls take care when u not have me not work so much anything not important more then u self i love u so much , i love mom , i love all u family ,
 Pls don't cry ka 
U .... wife
    he's only my husband  >>>>>>>>>>>   Dear my honey husband

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Posted on Fri 27 Mar 2009 14:01

pls not try and back with me agian im forgot anythink about u
heheheh kiddin na ka
i love u my freinds
Thu 14 May 2009 20:32 [1]


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