Vang Vieng - Vientiane Trip : Day 1


Իѧ§- §ѹ



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip


31 . 2551

Thu Jan 31st, 2008



仵Ἱ Ԩöҡӧҹѹ

Ǿöѹж֧· ѹ


ҡŧ¤ö ѧ䧡ͧյп -_-


Me and Juu took the bus to Morchit Bus Station.



֧ͪԵҳ () ѧ

仫͵˹ͧ¡ѹ͹ ԡêҭ 400 Һҷ

ǡԹ öͧ͡Ժ

ͪԵ Ǩ


ա ѹҡ͹ö͡ԹǴ


We arrived Morchit around 7 pm.

Jiam not arrive yet, so me and juu bought the ticket first.

It was about 400 baht per each.

Then we ate at the food court waiting for jiam.

He arrived before the bus left and still had time for eating.


öѺ ҵ蹵͹ҳ

֡öѹشҹҡ ҡҢҧ˹ѹԴغѵ˵


ǵ͹öشҹ ŧҺ ͡ҷѡªšա

૧ҡ зӨ  ͡شҧ鹪

͵Ǩ ö.. 仡ѹ

֧˹ͧҵ 5


I slept all the way til around 3 am.

I felt that the bus stopped for so long so I woke up.

I noticed that there had an accident in front of our bus

but I couldnt see it.

I saw the cockroach on the bus while the bus stopped.

It took about an hour til the police came and clear everything up.

Then the bus could continue and we arrived Nongkhai early in the morning

around 5 am.


ǵͧöҡ˹ͧ§ѹ öѹ͡ 7


ҡȡ ŧҨҡö˹



ҹзд ¡Թµͧͧ

ѹͧ Ҩ㹡з ٨Ѻҧ֧

Ҷ֧Сѧ͹ ´ ԹѺŵԹ͹



Then we had to wait til 7 am. to buy the bus ticket to Vientiane.

We sat at the coffee shop and had pan eggs and hot ovaltin.

It was cold there and I got no jacket, only scarf.

It didnt help me much for warming up. 



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ֧˹ͧ @ Nongkhai bus station ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: 555 :: 



仫͵ö§ѹ ʶҹշŧö

¡Һҷ꧶ҨԴ ǵͧʻ仫͵Ǵ

Ԩ繸ШѴ ҧ͢ö仫͵ǢҡѺ

ѹѹͺͧԺ ͺش



ҳ 3-4 . ŧʵʻ쵷駽н

֧§ѹҳԺ ͧöҡ§ѹѧ§ա

͹ͧԹպ šԹҹԴ֧͹

Թͧҧ 500 ҷ šԹպ

öѧ§ 25,000 պ ԴԹ»ҳ 90 Һҷ ᾧ


At 7 am, we bought the bus ticket to Vientiane.

It was about hundred baht per each and we needed passport for buying.

While we waiting for the bus leaving, we bought the return ticket to Nongkhai

for Monday evening. The last one leave at 8.45 pm.

So, we had to be back here before time.

It took about 3-4 hours from Nongkhai to Vientiane.

Then took the bus from Vientiane to Vang Vieng .

It was about 25,000 kip for the fare. (about 90 baht)

I think its quite expensive.



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: 鹹 :: i'm a rich girl ::



ҧѧ§͹任 ªѹ

ҧҧըشоѡҹԺ Ό

ҨШʹѹҧҧ ç㹻Ңҧҧ

ҧҢͺ ҡѺҴ¹

ŧ仩ѹЧ ѧ˭ԧ Ǩ -_-


The way to Vang Vieng was like the way to Pai.

But there dont have the rest point for toilet or take some drink.

The bus stopped on the way and pple went to the toilet in the forest,

if u know what I mean -_-

but I didnt get off the bus at all. Some farang and Japanese did!



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ͧ͡ :: First arrvie at Vang Vieng ::



֧ѧ§ҳ 2

ŧҡö ͧ͡ ҡ ҡȡ˹Ǵ

ҧá¤Թҷѡ ӧҹԨйҷ֧

仴١ѹᾧ 800 Ҵ

Թҷ ҹ㹺͡ëѡ͹

ӻ ҡ 繡зѧ Ҥҡᾧ

Թҡѹ ᷺ҡ ǡͷ֧ҡ ҡȴ


ǡԹ仡ѹ sunset home guesthouse С͹仴ͧѹ

ͧҧ Ҥᾧ 300 ҷͤ׹ ѡ 3

ǡͧҷҧ͡ µŧҷ

ͨѴø红ͧº ҡ͡ŧͧѹ͹

ǾԹѴҡ ӻ 仫

´ зӻҡ ͹蹹

ѹ˹һСѺҾʹ´ ´


We arrived Vang Vieng about 2 pm.

First thing I see was the fog town! And the weather really cold.

We looked for the accommodation. Juus colleague recommended one place.

So, we went there but we didnt stay there as its expensive about 800 baht

and it was not next to the river or mountain at all.

i remember one place that Ive read from the blog.

Its call champa lao guesthouse so, we looked for this place.

But on the way we found another place and it looked really nice

next to the river but it was full. So, we asked the direction to go to champa lao

We walked along the way til we found sunset home guesthouse.

So, we checked the room and it was nice and we could see the mountain from the window and it was so cheap, only 300 baht for 3 pple.

So, we took this place. After we checked in and left out luggages,

we walked to the centre of the town for eating.

Then we found champa lao guesthouse it was juz next to our guesthouse!

It looked really nice and face the mountain but it was too late.

We checked in at sunset home already huhu.



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1 

:: ˹觷ѡ 555 :: Boutique resort that we didnt stay lol::




Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: view from our balcony ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: The sceneery ::




Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: our G.H. ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: in front of the G.H ::




ѹ任СѺҧ ҹ


ش ͹ Թǡ͹͡·ѹ

ҹͺԴͧ friends Դѹͺءҹ

Ѳ  µͧ͹ friends ѹ͹

ҧ ù ˹ǡѹ  ҡСԹҧҫЧ

ҧҨҹ֧ Ҷ֧ѹ鹷ҡСԹ

ѹҡԹ鹷Դ˹ѧ աҹ


͡Թ仹ԴѹЧ -_- µͧͷ͡Ѻ仡Թ

͹¡Һҷ Ҵҧç

յ ҡᴡ蹹  ѧҡ


We got there at the centre of the town.

There have many restaurants but we saw grilled chicken at one

restaurant so we went to that place.

We had grilled chickhen, French fried, grilled pork and sticky rice.

Jiam wanted to eat grilled pork with skin but they served without skin.

So, he ordered another piece and he said he would pay for that one.

But then he ate a bit and full. So, we had to take the rest back to the guesthouse.

The meal cost us about 500 baht!



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: chilling and watching 'friends' series ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ͧ ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: اա ::



Թ͡Թͧѡй 仴ٷẺѹ

Ҷ֧ǡͧͧǧҧѡ˹ Ǩ֧

áԴ ᾧҴ ʹٷ ͹

ա֧ Դ 300 Һҷͧ ١ҡ

繷ѹ 仴ٶӪҧ ͧǧҧ㹶 Ǿ¤Ѥͧӫͧ

ͫͷѹ份觵çҹҡ ҹ

ҹ㹺͡Ҷ١ҡͤ͡ 1 1 ʪҵǨ

ѹ ԴҨͧѹ¢Ҵ鹨ԧ


After that, we walked around the town looking for one day tour.

Cuz we wanted to do tubing.

First agency told us 500 baht and we think its expensive.

We looked for another agency and found one with about 300 baht per person.

It was so cheap to go to elephant cave and tubing and kayaking.

When I looked at the opposite side, I saw sakura ,

it was like pub and restaurant. Ive read on the blog that the cocktails

here is so cheap but not tasty. We laughed at it but think about to come back later.

To check if its that bad as they wrote lol.



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: Фҹ Sakura ::



ѧҡ鹡Թҫʡ ״ҡѡ

ǡѺѡ Һ觵Ǩ͡觤׹

ҺҺҡѹ 絡Ч ૧

¤ҡǡѹѴͽ ǡҼͤԹѹ͡

Ҥ ǹѹҢҤ᷹

ͺ  ǹԨҾѹԪ蹤͡

Թǡѹ͡ 3 ҧҤͧ˹

ҨСͧ件֧ҹҡ ¡͹ѹ


We looked for the postcard and t-shirt after that.

Then went back to the guesthouse to take a shower and get ready for night out.

But it rained, so we waited a bit.

Then, I went out with the jacket cover on my head.

Juu and jiam used scarf to cover their head.


 Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



ҹҢͧ繭 边ѡҹ繽觡Ѻ





ǡह ªͺµͧ÷ŧ仴

֧дͧ˹ ǡѺù ٵ


We arrived at sakura pub & restaurant and farang waitress came to welcome us.

The owner of this place is Japanese and staffs are farang and laos.

I dont know y there have many farang waiters & waitress.

I guess maybe the local pple cant speak English well.

We drank beer lao, it was ok and I put some sprite in it.

So, it taste better huhu and we had French fried for snack.


Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



ҹԴŧ ẺԴҡ鵺 ͺ診ŧǡ¹

ǹ˭ŧ㨽觷駹ҹ 觡ء鹡ѹ͹๻ҡд

Ǣͺ͡ҽ觷ѧ§ ǹ˭˹ҵҴշ駹ҹ

ǹ ҡԹ 555 >o<

͹ اô͡Ң蹡յͧŧҹ 2

Ңͧҹ͹حҵ ⾧ ҵ

ҧç ͧŧ еԹԧ

ҧاҨҡ -_- 觡ѧᴹѹ

Ǩԧ ¢ʡ١Ѻͧ͹ç价觹ա


The music here was ok, they played the music from laptop.

But then there have a dredlock old man showed up with his guitar and his gf.

They asked the owner if they can play live here and he allowed.

Well, I dont think its good music but many farang still dancing.

We stayed there for a bit and get back to guesthouse to take a rest

for the tour tomorrow. 



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ٻ黡ͧþԨóҹФ ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: اҢͧͧ ::



Vang Vieng Vientiane Trip Day 1

:: ѹا ¡ѹҡԹ ::



Ǩͧѹ仹 ͺ͡þҴҧç ^^

I will write about the tour on the next diary page ^^






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