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pla wrote :

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ẺѨغѹѹǹشҹзѹѹ  ǡҨҡʹ᷺еǢ

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Adey's wrote:

The Brtish Museum in London is holding an exhibition of the famous Terracotta Army from China i belive it is the first time in history that parts of this army have been allowed outside of China's borders, here is a small paragraph explaining the clay army.

Emperor Qin is known as the first Emperor this is because he was the first person to reunite China under one ruler or Emperor before him there China was spilt into 7 provinces: Zhao, Yan, Qi, Wei, Qin, Han and Chu.

The terracotta Army is over 2000 years old and was built by a mixture of captured prisoners and conscripted labourers, it took a massive 700 000 of these people to complete the 7000 terracotta soldiers,muscians,admin clerics,entertainers and charoits. the first emperor ordered this massive undertaking because he was paranoid about living for ever, he searched for the elixer that would grant him immortal, and he is was to be immortal he would need an army to protect him, and various other civillians to help with the day to day running of his palace.

After his death his son became the second Emperor but commited suicide not long after, there fore ending the Qin dynasty and begining the Han dynasty.


British Museum

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British Museum

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Ҩ British Museum աͷд Terracotta Army ҷԵ˹͹ѹ ʹٵͧ仴ٷչ

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