( Yee-sib-kwa-kwa )






Yeah as always, I had been away from my diary for a while.

I actually wrote down about New Year, birthday and

stuff long time ago just hadnt got any chance to put it

down here until its too out of date. And that mood of party animal

during new year had gone.






Therere not so many thing happened actually

Before my birthday, my life was so hectic about the assessment day,

the day that I needed to put my piece into the studio space to show

my work progress. It was great cause Id been working on

my idea about that piece for quite a while before.

Anyway.. it was as great as I expectedsatisfied!

Let see what Douglas and fine art tutors gonna say on the

feed back tutorial next wed. Therell be just only pass and fail

at the first stage , called certificate stage. But they

also grade us, just only to inform the quality of our work in

progress but its not gonna affect anything for the new term.





Twenty ish



testing at home...







Twenty ish








Twenty ish









Twenty ish


in the studio









Twenty ish






The insatallation day was 8th and the assessment was on 9th

which was my birthday. I got to run to school on the

early morning to switch on all the equipments then ran to

see Job, my college friend from Thailand who just came

and carried loads of my stuff including three stripey shirts

from pkob its perfectly fit my tummy.. I do love them.

I got to say thank you very much again to pkob. Definitely,

I just wore it the later day without washing. And didnt even

have time to take any photos cause I just wore 3 of them for

next 3 days and they ran to the cleaning basket quite quickly.

Also  loads of new earrings as a birthday present from Job

and Ton. Umm and also.. the Korean series from Kib

..cheers guys.






After seeing Job, I ran to the job interview

which is on Liverpool Street somewhere up to North-East.

Then ran back to the directly opposite corner of London to

the college at 8 in the evening. Bloddy tired just grabbed

gin tonic at home for a little celebration.








Twenty ish



it's a bit funny that loads of friend asked

about what i was gonna wear for the interview

.... some just said... to me

" just being normal "








Twenty ish


around the office, called Shorditch

sort of artist area... quite dodgy







Twenty ish








The celebration was accidentally happened a day later.

As I was rolling on bed after long school hours and about

going to bed after a sleepless week , Pun gave me a ring and

just pushed me to move myself out to Thai Club where

about 10 friends gathering around without the notice.

So the nigh turned out to be with loads of booze. I was

too drunk..couldnt even carry myself to the bus stop and

Pun also dropped himself down on the street. So we took

a cab back home my memory was so pale as well as Puns.

Never been that drunk for really long time.

I thought we came back about midnight but definitely,

it wasnt that early. It was three in the morning, actually.






The official birthday party was actually on sat, clubbing with the

college friends. It was not only mine but Stevies and Lauras who

were born on Jan as well we dropped by Lauras place to get

a couple drink first then headed to the club. The club is in

the theme of 20s 30s, sort of Victorian period I guess.

with oldie songs. So we got to dress up with top hat and stuff.

It was quite fun though. Op and Pond also dropped by to grab

A few drink with me then we ran to Ponds place to have

more drinks and got home about 5 in the morning.







Twenty ish



with Laura and Stevie









Twenty ish


with Ema








Twenty ish


in the tube ...








Twenty ish


Harry having bannana for what?








Twenty ish


Jeff... he quite like thai actually..

sort of caring person







Twenty ish


Laura on the bus











Twenty ish


Jeff again







Anyway Ive already got that job with really less pay. I am now

a low-cost architect, working 3 days a week. Theyre sort of

really small home office with a few people only and not so many

projects. My boss is doing his master at RCA and his partner is

doing her degree in Bartlett , one of the coolest architecture school

in the world. It was great to work with them and helping them doing

their school projects. I found that we all have got the same direction

of working with some quality of artistic level









Twenty ish




my desk at the new office...

i've been leaning how to use

Vector Work... it's great programe

for drawing in Mac... sort of the combination

of illustrator + Auto Cad.... just realised..CAD

was SHIT!











Twenty ish


minimal food lately








And a bit news of my beloved Arnie, her weight gain didnt reach

the standard. She gained just only 300 g for 2 months. As her mom

said she didnt have much milk cause she always fell asleep quite

quickly lazy head   as well as her hyperactive behaviour..

I guessed she might prefer to play rather than eating. So she need

to take some vitamins and stuff








Im not so worried about her actually.. just look at the clip

you will know..

















As I mentioned above, the mood of party has already gone.

I have been isolated for already a few week. I dont really know

where I am now. Something silly just reminded me of  something

I never really have or it might be something that I just lost.

My life has been too dry for too long. I really dont know where

am I going. So uncertain. Not really know what Im seeking for

but the thing I just realised is this definitely hurts


I dont really know what I am saying either , just feel really

uncertain. It might because of some sentimental

,artistic and sensitive quality of myself. I dont know





some mate said it might not be my time yet

yeah you might be right you might be right





so please just give me some kind of sign

is this the right place?

Or the right time?





Is this the right time?







Now i've travelled across the ocean
With the same shoes just longer hair
I still carry that picture in my wallet
From the photo booth

yeah it's still there

Now i've landed in the midwest
Where you lived so long ago
Remember i was always freezing
And now i'm covered up in snow

Please give me some kind of sign
Is this the right place
Or the right time






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Wed 15 Feb 2017 2:53 [14]

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Wed 15 Feb 2017 2:51 [13]

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Tue 14 Feb 2017 9:34 [12]

The voice of raoitnality! Good to hear from you.
Tue 14 Feb 2017 8:54 [11]

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Tue 14 Feb 2017 8:30 [10]

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Tue 14 Feb 2017 0:24 [8]

hi there!!!,

just realized, i haven't put my comment here yet, but i read this page weeks ago...How's thing now?

Take it easy...we are here to support you...miss you as always..

Remember, what you are doing now, is exactly what you plan for....
Sat 2 Feb 2008 17:01 [7]

֧ٴͧѹẺ й
ѹ͹ͺ ͡Ӻҡ(˧ ѹʺҵʹй) šѹ
Sat 26 Jan 2008 21:52 [6]

happy birth day krab p' new... keep going krab p'...every thing would be fine I hope that na krab...actauly we have the same situation which we have to work in a cheap wage!!!...anyway good luck for new age of you krab p'...good luck krab p'
mars jack   
Fri 25 Jan 2008 9:09 [5]

*pat your shoulder*
join the crowd babe~

I'll going back to BKK on June New... pretty sure, and the end of next month would be the day to celebrate a new chapter of my life~.

PS. HBD !!!

Fri 25 Jan 2008 6:20 [4]

Hello ka! This is just da first time I am dropping my comments in this diary. Actually have read your journals quite a while ago since your diary's name and some titles of your entries attracted me. The point is I'd just like to cheer you up! Quite understand this sort of feelings, it sometimes happens to me as well. But please think positively and not being shut in. You might be feeling alone, can't really say what you want, or else. But you know what? what you are doing right now is not that bad. Importantly, you can't turn back time really, so please go on and focus on what you have in your hands.

P.S. If my comments are too offence or disturbing, please accept my apology. Just wanna encourage a guy who are living far away from his home as i'm. Fight fight ka ^^
Thu 24 Jan 2008 22:43 [3]

5555 ҡ ѡش
Thu 24 Jan 2008 20:47 [2]

PS : p'nune and p'puuk and
other p'p' who just asked for
my add. na krb..

i just put my add. here

so you guys can add me on your msn list
or e-mail me to exchange our add. na krab..

: )

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Thu 24 Jan 2008 20:29 [1]

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