the peace of mind.


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Posted on Fri 27 Mar 2009 21:07



a memorial to N H library, my lovely one.
seems like confusing...but not.
missing u+happy birthday to Kaeky
being a trainee ~ so tired but happy ^.^"
Wanna be the angel+Hello sweet Sunday
when i fall in love with you~
֡ feeling good
hello happiness.
Our love paradise.
My wonderful life that isn't just series.
Salade de fruit, jolie jolie jolie.
I wanna workkkkkkkk
§ §ҧ
Safe to home sweet home.
the messiness of mind. feet.
The Luxurious Day & My Ninny ^o^
exploring the world.
change,we need.
the peace of mind.
just a bad day
You don't know me.
What a day!!!!
I wish my dream comes true.
you are mybiggy.
I am mybiggy.


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