So Headache....Get better with carring from You

OmG Today so busy at work...

I have headache so much...After dinner I take medicine and lay on the bed...until Sleep

Good Luck ..I awake at...23.35.which is time of us to meeting on Skype

Dady just come back home from work...look like he know about He open inbox and see my mail that told him..I have headache and...maybe now I'm He call me and said to me with his care...He want me go to sleep..It's good for me..In the morning when I wake up before go to work we will meet again..but Now..I have to go to bed...He is so nice...HE care for me always...Distant is not barrier for take care me..I really understand His feeling to me..He love me so much..YES!!! ME too


Dady told me before sleep about his boss..invite him&me stay at his house near the beach on this summer...OMG...I'm so exciting..and I want to go there..very soon..
I Miss YOu So much..MISS to Make Many Many thing with you.. listening..Watching..Eatting..Dancing..Playing.. etc..


Today I write In English coz.. I will  like to show him..and let's he know my feeling to him And How about me everyday.. sometime I write in Thai..sometime in English..
I wish after then...I write In Italiano..

Dady receive box from me today but no have people when postman come to his home so tomorrow He have to go to take box from Postoffice..I'm exciting to know..He can wear his ring..on ring finger or not..?..He will appreciate with my letter...or not ??





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Posted on Thu 27 Mar 2008 23:17

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