First day using Diaryclub

Today is my first day using 'Diaryclub'. The purpose of this is to share with everyone, no matter who, my educational experience in New Zealand, a group of Islands in the pacific, well known for their beautiful scenery and adventurous activities like bungy jumping. New Zealand is a famous tourist destination and also attracts foreign students from all over the world, including some students from our country too going over there.

I will be updating the collection as often as I could to entertain you, inform you and perhaps influence you to become a New Zealand student yourself. If you won't be the one, maybe your children will if your financial status allows so. I will be telling you about the negative side, positive side of studying overseas (particularly New Zealand) and along the way tell you about what I do at school.

At the moment, I am visiting my parents in Thailand  (who made all this possible) but soon will be going back to continue high school, namely Burnside Highschool in year 11 in a town in the South Island called Christchurch.

This project will be a great English practice for me and I hope that YOU will benefit from it also.


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Posted on Thu 24 Jan 2008 23:38

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Fri 25 Jan 2008 0:25 [1]