so sad!!!!!!! wednesday .

         In the morning I was played my computer .I opened my facebook by accident after that I see my friend post "change begin the term become 31" .I'm so sad because I'm relax for long time .I feel that I was bored with everything because The Huachew University opened delay. Even if I used to want but now I'm so sad. I had to end of semester delay .Last night I dreamt that I went to travel .At that time I enjoyed with my friend .And I woke up 10.00 A.M. because I went to bed late .I woke up because my mother called my telophone with my aunt . Now I'm free . I want to learn english language.

         In the afternoon,I watched the movie "Harry Potter and The Sorcerer 's Stone " .I watched it many times because I wanted to learn english for conversations . I wish that I understand its. I got study many words from the movie.^^Everybody think its is easy for me its is difficult. For this  reason I must industrious.

         In the  evening,I helped my father cooked food(Ѵҹ) for my grandmather .  I helped that I washed vegetable(parsley) and sliced tomato, pineapple.Today I intended to don't eat .I mean that I 'm diet .^^   


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Posted on Wed 19 Oct 2011 16:44

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