Lower Score

... Low Score of evrythings ... I am very confuse about that??? What's happened for this term ...

... Yesterday, I took the final exam of marketing ... but this test very hard and the time was not long for thinking the answer because my profession had 15 M/C and 7 essay and limit time was 2 hours ... Just very confuse ...

... For today, I gonna checked my grade of my paper case and my discussion, and now this score very lowwwww ... I got the score aroud 94/140 (c-) of my paper case I, then my total score was around 78% from 100% ... just thinking about that I never have had this low score before, and I don't want to think about my final and  my midterm that I took yesterday ...

... Rightnow, just my first idea, maybe I will drop, or try to keep going but I don't want the lower score because I have 2 class left that is not incluced 2 calss of this term.  That's why I want to graduated next year, and I don't want to pay more money, especially I want to comeback my home.  How can I do???

... I'am tired tired !!!! I don't want to do anything, just want to stop, but I know the time cannot stop or turn it back and I should walk and walk ... although ...I know I don't walk alone because in this term I have 2 Thai classmates, and I am thinking in my mind that their score are not different, but my feeling is very bad ...

... I remember one story that was happened in long time ago aroud three year before I have been here.  My feeling was very bad same in this time from the score of TOEFL becasue when I was young I hate English Language, that's why my Thai teacher of TOEFL said with me that you don't give up, and just first time for me ... but this time and this case I don't want to miss walking and lost my way becasue I am still walking that is very close my goal, but now just tired tired ...

... so I want more time for taking care of my feeling, and the last word that I want to say " the touch of your hand say you will catch me whenever I fall", I know my mom will protect me when I fall but now I need more time, and if my feeling is becomed good mood, I will come back ...


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Posted on Thu 20 Nov 2008 4:08




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