Confusing Day

Hi everyone

welcome back to my diaryclub agian after I take so long busy and busy with my old working

now I having with new experiance in The USA.

I was arrive at 6 january 2008 on 9.00 pm even if I leave from Thailand at same day at 6 january 2008 on 10.00 am it like time return back  because today is monday January 7 , 2008  after noom, but even if  in  Thailand is going to Tuesday 8, 2008 morining time people is good sleeping

that way I want to sleep on morning time I thnik in Thailand is night's funny!

one thing I fear for my english language it not be good.....this is very importance for me now to learning and get good experiance here

so I will try to listen people talking and remember the word, what did they said.  and talking english as much as I knew

if how have good way to learning please tell me


for the next day I wanna show some of mi picture for you see my trip in usa

see you as soon





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Posted on Tue 8 Jan 2008 4:05

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