Will !

Really boring tonight

Nothing to do even normal things!

Everybody's sleeping, but I'm still wake up.



Worry about future what when where and how I am satisfy with my life.

I'm afraid about my soul mate; how come if I don't have one!

If I have to be alone in the world !

I don't wanna be like this but how come ! The answer's I'm gay, right!



Afraid about my future plan!

This year's the last year in college. How's about if I'll work after my graduation.

I want to be the Management Trainee at somewhere's well-known organizations because It'll lead us to get good profile to futher study abroad!

How's about if I coudn't get the good job?

What will I be in the nearly future just only 1 year?

I don't want to be credit analyst or something else about Banking.



How's about cost of living that I have to spend not only my 4 factors but also include soical type?

It's very hard to say that social cost's really important for me.

Clothes, Bag, Watch, and/or Gasoline in my car.



Self-Esteem's also necessary for me.



Everything will be fine if I've got.......Good Career in the Good Company with highly salary and compensation plus nice friends and good society.....That's all I want it nearly.



However, if the bad things come instead of the good things. How can I deal with it/them? I should prepare before rite?



keep try is the answer right now !



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Posted on Sun 25 May 2008 4:01

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