School Dilemma


Posted on Thu 24 Jan 2008 22:30

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ѹѺ鹰ҹҧҹдѺ֡ҢͧФͺ ѧ·ȹҧѹ仹Ф ԴҤس㨵ͧ ¹鹷á ͺͧҡ ؾ Ѻ١Ǵԩѹ ١¤ⵢͧԩѹç¹ʷ交 ¹úԡ ѧ ʧ͹ѹ ҹٴ µա ١ ᵡѧ ⪴չФ
Tue 29 Jan 2008 1:06 [26]


ѧҹФ ҹ¤
Mon 28 Jan 2008 10:22 [25]

ҷѡ topic ͡ҧ˹ҡзشѺ кҹըش͹ѹ

ҡҹͧҧ ͧҧ ҧԹк֡ҹҹ ¶١ ͺǴǵ кͧҧҧ ͡¨ж١ ҹͧҵ͹͹ѹ áԹ ͹ç¹·Ԫҡ Ǵ ˹ѹ¹ա ...ѹ͹繾Һ͡ ͧѹѡҡ١§ ¹᷹ ... ѹҡ è移ҹ
Mon 28 Jan 2008 2:33 [24]


խҵԨ͡ҷ Ѻ١¹Թ ҵԼ˭ҹªͺҡ͡¹.. (Ҥĵԡ+ͧԪҡ) ١ 2+3 ¹ EP 診 .6 չ ..(..Ѵժ§ҡ) ͧԪҡ

ǹ١¹͹غ EP ١դآҡ ҡ..Ԩ Ԫҡ ١㨷 ѧɤ (ǹǤԴ ¤͹ҧҡ Ҩ֡Ф ҡ¹ç¹дա ҡ١ͧͧ ѧҷ 2 ٴ ҹ ¹ ¤㨤) ͧٵһж Ѹѧ Ҩͧ¹Ԫҡâҧ͡ҧ ..ҡ令ԡԪҡ 繷ͧ 駾ͧ´ǹ˹Ф

͹Ҥ١ͺ繷 ͡ҡ͡ ͧ١չ
Mon 28 Jan 2008 0:05 [23]

I have to disagree with what one said that شä觷ҡ ҡ¹ ҡ֡ Դ..."Ҩѹ ѹҧ" .
I think that it's okay to be whatever they want to be,but you have to be practical, as well. Unless a child is born into affluence, and that affluence is guaranteed throughout life, he or she will have to work for a living, so their interests may have to be guided if they seem out of the realm of reality. Many people want to be great singers or actors, etc., but how many actually get to realize their dreams and achieve the lifesyles and incomes they want. I'm not saying don't dream, or that a parent should not be supportive, it's just that you have to be practical and ensure the child has good guidance that will put them on a realistic path. If a child shows remarkable talent in something, by all means support and foster that talent, but if it is risky and has little chance of success, we must try to redirect him/her to something that will better serve the child.
Sun 27 Jan 2008 12:35 [22]

...͵ԧ Ǣ͹ 繷ʹҡ ջªԧ

ԧͧ֡Ңͧ١ 觷ͧԨóǹ 繾鹰ҹͧ١Ф

͡ç¹ ç¹Թ ջѨ¾鹰ҹ»ӹ֧֧ Ҩ繤ͧͺ ͧ ѧ ҾǴ

Ѻͧ շҹ¹ç¹Թ 觾ǡҵͧ¹ҧ˹ѡ ¹֡ҡ

ҹ¡¹ç¹¨֧ .5 ǡ仵ͷ ǡҵͧҧ˹ѡͷ¹ 觷 ѧ ѺԴͺ ê͵ͧ ¤͹¤

ҹǾ͡ .5 .س harrows 觡ͧ ˹ѡ лѺ͹ѹ س˹ҡ еͧ´ŷء ͧ¤

Ѻͧ ԴҨ١ ¹ç¹¤ ҹ ١ǾСѺ繤 ǹ١¤ EP Ф

ҹͧҧФ 繴¡ѺԴس ԧ ҡդʹФ ҵͧ Ҥҷö


鹷Ǩѧ 任Ф
Sat 26 Jan 2008 23:38 [21]

ҵͺس ͺ 2 ͺ .3 2 ͺ ֡˹ѡ¡Ѻسѹ ͹·ѾǤ ͡͹Ңҡ Ъͺ ͹ҸԵѧ ͧ´մ ŷǶ֧ ͧѺҡѺ connection վ ͧ¹дѺѹ֧Ф

͹ͧա 2 Ѻ ʤ 价ҧ ʤ ҡ Ѻ ʪ ա˹ҷ 2 ѺдǡФ

йس¡Ѻس蹤 ͧ Թ䫴դ


ͧҷ駫 駹ѡ ˹ҹҺ 繴
Sat 26 Jan 2008 22:33 [20]

Ό䴹ͧҹҹǤ Դҡͧҷءѹ Ф ^^
͹áѧ͹ѹҤʴԴ ͧ
ҨͧҧҼ˭ ˹駡лԴ ʴ
Դ繴¤Ф ͨ繻ªҧ

е͹ͧ¹ high school ش· Australia Ф ҹ
ͧΌ䴹ͧ椹 駡繴¹Ф

֡ǡͧ . Թ .6 ǡ ҵ͹ʹԷ駷¹ . Թ
ǡ . ·ͧҧ ФԴ繵ҧѴਹҡ
ͧ¹ .ҵ͹غ1 ֧ .4 summer ҧ
ǵ͹ҳ .2 Ф ͨ .4 1 駡仵ͷ Australia
;ٴ֧ .¡͹Ф
͹áͧ ҡ¹Ф Ҿѹк
͹ҹẺ 觢ѹ٧ ¹Ẻդآ
ѹ§ҹҡ §ҹա¹ͧ ǹҡ͹
駷駷 .ǡѹ .蹨л깨ҡԹǡ觤¤ ҧҹ«
駤ԴҶ¹ἹԷҨ衴ѹҴ ԧ .¡բʹ

ǹ .Թ
խҵԷ¹ .Թҵ͹غ ҡ¹Ẻʺ ´駹Ф
͢ high school ǹ . Թ´ѹǤ ҧ .
ǴԪ觢ѹѹͨ͹ҹ ǹ .ԹеͧǷ㹵ҧ
÷¹ԹǨе·¡͹ҧʺ˹Ф ºçҴ
ҢͨӡѴ ТͧҤԹѧͧѺ㹷ءҢ ÷ҡ¹ᾷеͧ
¹˹ѡ 2 ǡ÷仵ᾷͧ͡ ҧտѧٴ͹Ч ҧ
չ֧ҨѺҡФ ǹ÷§ҹͧ .Թ駪ͺçխҵ͹ҧ
. çҤ鹤 ҢšѹẺԧѧФ ǢǢ§ҹ

ǶҨе·ͧ ¹ . ¹ҨºҡҹФ 蹾駤֧
ҡ¹ѵᾷ ͹ѧ¹㨡Ѻҵ 1 ·Ҵ͡
ç ǹѧ ¹ . ػҳ 5-6 Ǻҡ
͹⵹Ф ͹¤¹ . ѧɡѹ
㹢ǡѹ͹駷¹ . ԹѺͧ 2 شҷءҧ
ѺͧҡҤ Ҿ鹰ҹͺ§ٴẺͧ ͧǧ¤ Ҩ
. .Թʺҡ

ɹФзʴԴ繫 ѹ§ʺóҹФ ҡ
¹ 鹤س ҧդ鹢ͧ ѧ¹ ǡԴѺѧͧẺµçҨ繻ªФ
Sat 26 Jan 2008 17:20 [19]

͹áԴҡ١¹Թ ҹл͸Ժ Դҡ¹Ǥ
١ͧ ӧҹͧ ͧ¹ç¹
Ҵա ҾٴѺ١ҡٴ 繤
ѧҡ͹ҧ ¹
ѡѹǹҡ繪ǵҧҵ ѧҡ¹ ٴ¤
ͺسҡ ͺèԧ
Sat 26 Jan 2008 16:14 [18]

鹵ͧ¤ ʴմա :-)
ѹ鹷ҷѡ˹Ф ˹ᵡ
Sat 26 Jan 2008 14:22 [17]

ҹ 鹵

ͧ¹ դاԴ͹¤ ᷺ФԴҹ¹ͧա

ͧ¹ ÷ӧҹ

͹١͹غ ١¹Թ ͨһж 1 ١ͺԴ˹ ç¹¹ Фاҡء¹ç¹

¹ç¹͡ ժ§ (ẺҨд) ١ .1 ջѭҡ 駴ҹûѺѧ(ҨҡҡҪվФͺǷҨҡ§ٵҧѹ) ¹ա дԡ ѧɡѧҡ ⪤ٷЪ»Ѻ鹰ҹ

ҧç¹鹤Եʵҡ ҴҨѴдѺ¹¤ṹԪҹ 㹡͹¹л

١¹֧ .3 ١¹summerͧ͡ء Ẻʷ ҡբ ҷҧç¹觡ѹǡѺ . ١ѤäѴ͡Сء

駹 .1-.6 ءѹ ١¹ҡ ͹ ѹ- ١¹ɷç¹͹ѹ 1 ѹҷԵ¹ͧ Թ 1 ͧա͹ջѭ⨷ Ҿ鹰ҹŢ ͧ㹡äԴ

֡˹ҹ (Ҥ) ١ҨТ .1 öͺ¹Ҥ . ͧç¹Ѱ˹ ʺ˹ ǹдѺԷ ͧ仡͹١ʹ㨷ҧҹ˹ ͧҤԹ 礧աҡ͹

դö¹ͧ͡Ẻ ѧ١ͧ¹ Է зӧҹ ͹Ҥö价ӧҹͧ͡ҡѹ

駹¹ Թչ ǹաҡ͹ѹ ջʺó硹 §ҤԴ͹ ҷءѹѧ١¹Թ Ͷ֧ҷͧ¹ç¹ (ҧ͡ö¹ͧ͡) ١ҨдçԵẺ¾ 硹ѡ¹ç¹ ͧѺ հҹо鹰ҹҡ ١ ѹСԹ ҡԹ þѴ ١Ҥ ҡ١ִԴдǡʺ ҡѴӺҡҧ Եѧͧաҡ ʹþª繡ѧ ա˹ⵢ鹨кҧԹ

Sat 26 Jan 2008 12:54 [16]

ѹ ͡ѹ¤¡ѹͧ ¨

Sat 26 Jan 2008 12:14 [15]

ҹ䴾ҹҹ ѹ;¹Ҥس. ¢ comment ˹
ٻ˹Ф ѹ͹˹价Ӽ㹫. (ҹԪ) ˹ҹ蹹Ф
չ繤سҤ֧˹͹ ǡ繻ҪҧӼ¡Ҥس ͤسҺѡҧ
ʹ˹٨Ҿº͡Ҥس繾Һ¤ ˹١ѧ
ҡس˹¹Ф价Ӽҹҡŧ ʴҵͧ
Sat 26 Jan 2008 11:27 [14]

餹ҹҡ (ҹ)


update.. ѧԴ ءҧٻԴդ

test icon ѡա
april 12 mom   
Sat 26 Jan 2008 10:17 [13]

Hot Topic jing jing na. Don't have much to share at this point. Just look at me and my brother, I don't think you can draw any conclusion out much about school. I think it's all about parenting and guideline for kids to lead their lives. :) Will watch and learn from you la kun ja.
Sat 26 Jan 2008 1:35 [12]


ͧ͡Ѻл˹ѹҡ§ѹçҧҧ ҧµһЪҪǤ
ػ͵ͧͧ˹觡 ç¹ͺشѡ͹ ԴҧѺç¹ Һҧ شç¹١ ẺҢѴ ...
ç¹ҡѺ character ͧѹ繷ش ѹҹҨդآ¹
Ѻ͹ ͧç¹͹غŤͷ Ҩ͹ҹѧ 2 ͧ١ ѹ繷١份ҡҴŵª Ҥ鹡ҵԾͧ Ҩ˹ Ч鹨ç¹˹ ١դآ蹡

ǹǹФ ж֧ѧѡ١ͧշشФ ^^
Fri 25 Jan 2008 23:38 [11]

Sawasdee ka P Mam

I will be home for just 12 days ka. and I am serious, if u ever want anything, pls let me know.

I strongly agree with your opinion above ka...(but again, if i ever had my own kind, i wouldnt know what to do) hehehe

for me, i had been studying in Thai school until M.5 then i chose to enter ABAC (instead of going abroad...coz my parents werent allow)... i learnt English from there ka..(studying at ABAC)
then i had many chances...1 year Exchange in Japan... 2 years for Masters in England
then back to work in the bank in Thailand... and now I am back here in Japan ka

I am thankful to Thai education and ABAC for educating me to be ME today.

Being able to speak English is helpful but i dont think we need to go through English/American education system....

Thai kids should at least know the respect the elders.. (i see my cousins in international school....they lack of those and they are tooooo naughty...they caused me headache when i had to teach them homework)

i wish i could discuss more about it....but i havent got kids i havent thought about it that in depth....

but one thing i am sure is that Ami-chan will be fine ka...being in a sweet home and raised by parents like you ;)

sorry if i dont write Thai na ka...
i am so so bad at typing Thai...and this is Japanese computer so the keyboard is in English/Japanese only. (it will take me ages to complete a sentence in Thai)

Fri 25 Jan 2008 19:19 [10]

ͺ ͺس
ͧѡ سѡ

Ҽҹ ١Ҩмҹ

١ ¹ç¹¤ ҡҹ͡¹ ¹

ͧҢҧ͡ ^^   
Fri 25 Jan 2008 19:06 [9]

Topic hot ԧ繤Ӷ¤͹ѹ ҡ ú ... ҹǡ˹ 㹰ҹзͧ¹.ҵʹ շ駾ҹ¹.Թ ¹ Թù §աͧШ ԪѧͧҧǴδ

Ѻҡ繴 ҵͧ 繵ͧ.Թ͡ ¹ Ͷöͧ͡ ҡͺԹ͹ѡԴͧ ͧ Ϳѧسҧ ǹͧԪҡ ѹԧзŢҤ͹͹ ҡҵ͹ѡٵѹѺا仢Ҵ˹ зӤѭ Ţ¹ѹ ҧѧʹͧ¹ҷ

ǹͧѧ ͧ.Թ¹չ.ҡ ¡͹շҧ͡ ҧ RIS, ISB ǡ requirement 繤ҧҵԫ %.¹ ¹ .ԹǴ ҡ ҵ.ҹǡѹ ͹«ѡ 80-90% ¤ҨҡͺѹСԹ() ʹ㹡÷ӸáԨ͹Ҥ͡ 觷е () ͤ ͡ իѡ褹⪤ͺǾҧ ҹѹѧ ͹ѹ Ҿ͹繵. ͹еԴԹ Фǹе١

ҡ͹ҹպҷҡԧ ͺ¤͹١ԴԹ ¹ ˹ ִ㹹ºµԴԹ ҡ˹͡

ǹͧ͹ ѹ礧ԧ ʺóǡ շҨ .4 ͹¹ Inter ҹ͡¹ Ҵ ͧ͡ҹ¹¡ѹ͡ ҧ ؤԡ͡觨

..¹Ǩѧ ͧ͡ѹⴹ ػҤ¹Թ ¤ͧкҡ١¹ ǹ¹. ͧкк ʺóǹ ͧѹ

...ὴ¹ҹ ͤ͡õԹѹѺ˹觹
Fri 25 Jan 2008 17:25 [8]

ͧͺ令¡Ѻͧç¹ҧ Ѻ¹ Һ¹ç¹¸ ҹ դѺдǡ ͹ҧ¨ͧ
ǡ繴¡Ѻ »Сҡ мԨشѺ ambitious ѹŴ¡ 蹡͹ Һҡѡ֧Ӻҡ Фآ ѹ... ҡʺҡ Ǩµ վ Ӻҡ
Fri 25 Jan 2008 15:59 [7]

繴¡Ѻлѧ ҡ share ʺóҡѡФ ͹֧Ҵҡ § ͹áԴ⵷ͧ͡ ҡ ¹ ѡ ҡ繴¡Ѻ١¹Թ ͹л Ҵҡо¹ Summer ҧȺ work ҡ¤ Һ͡·ͧ¹Թ summer ҡͨдͧ ҡ͵ԴԹ ءѧ

ա˹觻ʺó ͹١ѹ 繾¤ չͧ 2 ١¹Թ ¹ Inter ͹ High School з ҧ¹ Inter ͹˹ ¹.Һҧ з褹شͧ¹ Inter ҡҽ觨ҡ ᵡҧѺ

㹷شسҵѴԹԴ. ͹ Դͧ ͧ ͹ͧ кҡͧ͡ ͹Ҥ Ԫѧ ѺŢԷʵҧǹ 繤٪ǵҧҵ Bilingual ͧǤҧ¹ʹҹ֡ҷҧǡѺҪ· 觨

դǴǧѧ հҹ ѡáԨ աԨâͧͧ еͧ١ҹͧ ١ ¹͹ѹ ҡ١͹ѹ Դ ҹŨҡç¹ҡ ѧԴҷӧ´ º͡ѧСѹ ֡Ҵ ͡㹹ɳ

ѧ¡Ф ءԷͧҧ

Ѻ ҧա ҨФԴ͹лҹ ͡͹ѹҡ ͺٻлҶ¡ ѡѧ Դ֧硴¨ѧ

鹷ǹǨѧ ɹФ ҹҡ˹
Fri 25 Jan 2008 11:09 [6]

ͺسҡ ͧѹ Ѻͧ¹ͧѹҵŧ¹˹ ǹФԴ֧ͧ¹١ 繡ѹءҹ Ѻͧͧ͹ѹ¹ѺԵѧͺҧ Ӥѭҡ ͹ҧ¤¾ٴ Ѻҵʹ ѧ鹤÷¹Եҡش ͷҧդآ ^_^ ͺسաѺͧǴФ
Fri 25 Jan 2008 8:53 [5]

繴¡Ѻлҷش ҵͧҹӺҡ͹Ƕ֧Ҥآѧ ... ػ繤 ˹Ѻ˹ع Եç¹
Fri 25 Jan 2008 7:53 [4]

... ͺҹ ͹ҧ 鹷 ա 1 ʺó (١ ) ͧ͡͹ 7 Ǻ ¹·ش ·͡Ѻͧ¶ ͹ҧӺҡҷͧҡ wording Ҫ ҷлԴ deal ͧ¤ ҧҷоٴѺҧ͡ (ҧ)

ʹաҴҡ 觵ç¡ԨâͧѺ 褧˹ Ҩջªҡ ҹͧԴ١ ǹ Ҷ˹ ԵҤҡѡҵͧ¹ ТͧԵ Ѻ任 British Council ѹѹҵ .3 ǡ¹ summer ͹Դҧ 2-3 դ ͹診 Ǩ¹͡Ӻҡ ͺ Ielts ͺ ͧ¹ ԵҢѺ͹ͧ ͧԹѺǡѡ ʹءѺѹ ЪФ

Դ֧Ф :-)
Fri 25 Jan 2008 0:20 [3]

˭ԧⴹҡ ֧Ҵ鹷ǢҴ ʧⴹԧ شҷ鹷
Thu 24 Jan 2008 23:28 [2]


ҡ͡ ˹ҹⴹشФ Ѻ դԴ͹Ό˭ԧ ͹ҡ ˵ؼŷءͷ¹ ѧǨҡҡ
ҹ͹Թ§ ٴѧ¤ 5555 ⴹ ⴹ ⴹ

Һ͡ʹФ ١¹Թ索Ҵ ˭ԧ ѹ ١ ҡ¹Թҡ д٨ҡͧͧѧ (֧) ջѭǡѺҵʹ ֡ҡ᷹ǹ١ ҡ١͹ ҡ鹡ⴹΌҧͧ ⴹ ¡˵ؼ ͸Ժ ¹¤ Һ͡ҡ¹Թ ٴѧҹ¹ eng ( ) ˭ԧẺ Ӥѭͧ "͹" ҡ¤ ԵءѹΌ˭ԧʺ稴ҹçҹ "͹" Ф ǹ

⪤չФ վҷ駤 ˭ԧ ١ ҹͧ

֡ԹչФ ˭ԧԧѧͺԹ ǤԴѧѧ䧡 ١礧¹.͹
˵ؼŢͧ(Ό)ѹըԧ (١͹ ¤Դͧ. ¹ͽѹʹ)

êͺẺ˹ ١¹Ẻ¤ ءФԴ͹ѹ ػմդҧСѹ
Thu 24 Jan 2008 23:26 [1]


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