its hard being a single mum
you're here ,you're there,you're every where
the girls aren't well
its big ,its hard and I had it !!!!
my day off (better or worse I got you)
if I let myself sink I'll sink to the bottom of the sea
get the f....k out of my life
you have punished me enough
why me?
I've got a dongle
I don't like to see my kids get upset
I thought it was mine.
I do what I have to do
I did it because I care about you.
finally moved
I'm moving house and starting a new life without him
super tired
meeting up with friends
I'm up for it
I'm putting my weight back on, and more!
I'm going strong
I have been lucky
I can live without you
I can't lose what I've already lost
ipod for oli
I'm totally confused
I have found the house
it was nice to see him
too much of you and I'm bored
snow didn't stop you from wanting to see me
just tried to post a photo
enjoying life
I had a great night (new year eve 2009)
I should be happy but I was breaking inside
your sms makes me cry
I'm worried
snow has gone

I'm putting my weight back on, and more!

I've been eating like there's no tomorrow and want to cook something new everyday the sadest thing of all is that I have to asked neil to eat it ! sometime just feel like cooking it but don't wanna eat it.
Went to HI sushi last night and it was so great. I love that foods so much I can have it everyday no problem at all.
I have to start going to the gym now I'm so unfit. Got email from P Keaw this morning said that she's getting married on the 6th of Feb but I can't make it because it so short notice but maybe I might go to her wedding in thailand in December.
Still couldn't believe it is the end of January already the time is flying by I feel like there's only 5 days in a week.
Got to work tomorrow and go out for dinner after that and monday getting my nails done and go out with p pond in the evening, life is full of fun being single !!!
By Aom x x x


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Posted on Sat 30 Jan 2010 19:10


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