นอกเรื่อง 2(ป้าCynthia + เตี๋ยวไปดูหลินปิง-เราห่างกันครั้งแรก+เตี๋ยวงอน+ I am nobody)
Guaytiao is back + Hua HIn
For Yai Jaa+'s Gang . Happy New Year to all of you ka.
Happy trip
Happy Birthday , ski,
เด็กหญิงร้อยหน้า หมาน่อยของเตี๋ยว
เด็กหญิงร้อยหน้า หมาน่อยของเตี๋ยว
วันของแม่บ้างสิ แม่ก็บ้าดารา ฮ่าฮ่าฮ่า ชุดเตี๋ยวแม่จัดให้
Zuca Family, New orange cap and Seeun's own candies
My in law family.
เตี๋ยวเป็นบ้าไปแล้ว อดดูคิมยอนอาเลย วันเด็กที่เกาหลี วอนเทอาจอซี่
แตงกวา ยาแก้ไอ เตี๋ยวทะลึ่ง เตี๋ยวคอนเซอร์
การเรียน(รู้)ของเตี๋ยว กินนมแม่ ฉี่(โดยน้าใหญ่)
ดอกไม้สีแดง Black & Bloody Tiao อาป๊า
She is so talkative
funny Seeun, 2000won, 3000won 5000won I luve you, buffalo
2S(school+spa), my MM pants, with Piak's autobike
I(Seeun's mom) am so busyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Seeun on the bike
Yai Ja(ยายจ๋า) Gang on Jan 5, 08
Meeting with Ni, Natjung(Uncle Joey&Auntie Saki), Long Live the King, Milk Bottle, Meeting with Kristel and Ellen(Cynthia - Ralf)
Seeun characteristics
HONEY!!! I have my hair cut already. With Peera(Pat's son)
ตัดผมให้เตี๋ยวครั้งที่ 2,
หลังของแม่ กระเป๋าใบใหม่ เพื่อนห้อง 906 แว่นเตี๋ยว งานนิตติ้ง
วันนี้ก๋วยเตี๋ยว 2 ขวบแล้วนะ
Seeun in Hanbok!!!
Painting Tee+Miu
Chaingmai Trip
The Day We Left Seoul
We have visitors

She is so talkative


She is so talkativeShe is so talkative

You won't believe how talkative she is.  She can raise questions, then, answer them or explain the reasons by herself.  Sometimes, she has a funny questions like "Mae!! Why the hens don't wear the shoes??"    She also noticed that the food I ate was spicy.  So she siad "Mae!! your food looked spicy.  Tiao couldn't eat it.  I am still young.  When I grow up, I can eat spicy things"    She also loves to be hold.  She explained that she was tired and young, she couldn't walk any more.  SO R U ready to see Seeun soon???

OH!some more she doesn't like to do thing repeatedly or tedious thing.  She will stay quiet, and refuse to do it.

Other questions:
"Mae!! Where did you get this one from??  I said from the dept. store.  She kept asking like " is it far"?  I said yes.  So she said so we couldn't walk, we have to take the car.

Or!  Mae!! Where is Japan?? She questioned after I told her where we got something from.  She asked where it is.  Then, I said it's close to Korea.  She said that's far.  We couldn't take car, we must take an airplane.  

Or When she saw the airplane photo.  She asked where this plane go to.  I told her many places.  She said she took this air plane to see A-pa!!!! WOOW!!

These clothes are from Umi's mom.  When we were about to leave, she said she didn't like Piak's yellow bike coz its engine is too loud.  She said she preferred the smaller one coz its engine is soft.  Anyway, she took the yellow one and took pictures.

                                 She is so talkative 

She is so talkativeShe is so talkative


I am still sick but getting better.  Now, I read tales for her every day.  She has good immagination.  I will let you know later.

Love and Take care,



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