let me let go

I thought it was over...baby..We said our goodbyes..

But I can't go a day..without your face goin' thru my mind...

In fact, not a single minute...passes without you in it..

Your voice, your touch, memories of your love..are with me all of the time..

..Let me let go, baby...

..this is for the best, why are you still in my heart..Are you still in my soul?..

..let me let go..

I talked to you the other days...looks like you make your escape..

You put us behind, no matter how hard i try...I can't do the same..

..Let me let go ..darling...won't you??..

..It just isn't right...I've benn two thousand miles..down a dead-end road..

..Let me let go...





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Posted on Wed 12 Dec 2007 11:31

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