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Counting down

Accidently found the wedding ticker website this evening
and now realized that we only have 2 months & a few weeks 
until the wedding in March'08 ... time passed by so fast these days!

I think I might need to take more time off from the busy
schedule to start preparing for the wedding, seriously.

Apart from ordering the wedding dress 2 months ago,
I haven't done anything...
Are we gonna make it in 2 months?? 

Okay, let begin with the list we need to do tomorrow:-

1. Call Michael ... to inform him that we need a photographer 

2. Call Oliver, see if he's available so we'll have the MC

3. Checking out for the favors

4. Decided what to wear in the morning session

5. Confirm Khun Tou, the 14th Lamer Bride to be Workshop

6. Book the make up artist!!




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Posted on Wed 12 Dec 2007 1:18


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