เตรียมตัว สู้ๆ :)
It just a first intendtion

It just a first intendtion

Hello! you are my first online diary. nice to meet you baby. everything is go along on my way since I was young. It is simple and smooth until this is still happen in my life,heart and body. F-A-T is the rude word of women including me. I  am turning to 65 kg this year. When I was a freshmen, my weight is only 50 kg. What's happen with me ? I am lucky who have a happy family and sweet boyfriend. Fast food and ice cream are my favorite food and dessert, you know. I tried to burn it out anyway such as exercise, diet and southeast burn fatt program. I knew everything and the way to lose my weight but I never shut out my heart to take care for my weight at once,I think I just be myself is enough.  Finally, I am stressful with my weight and body now. What should I do, girl? however, I intend to write my fat out program via this media. 

7 days will be my first week to lose my weight. 
Target : 45 kg with in 6 months.
Program : dinner off , no buffet, no fast food, fried food and drink a lot of water.
sport girl is gonna back now. 
Pay attention at first sight , baby! 

Start date : 9 march 2013 , no rice and dance in 30 mins.

Pray for my healthy now It just a first intendtion


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Posted on Sat 9 Mar 2013 19:48


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