Yu try

After Yu's back from overseas, I have to adjust myself a lot e.g. the way of communication, action, and expression. I got a job within a month although the salary is not that high, but thinking about getting experience I cannot deny this job. I am going to grow up another step and be far away from my parents again as I had been studying overseas for 5 years. When I would like to introduce myself to other people, I have to think more as it is different to start at How are you? and finish conversation at 'See you later'. Before I could talk presonal and professional stories with new overseas friends, here I cannot. I don't know, It's just different. I feel uncomfortable sometimes. Anyway, I feel more happy to be home (Thailand) jing jing na. If I didn't go overseas, I would not know how much I love Thailand na ni.

So Sweet
Yu ;))


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Posted on Sat 22 Dec 2007 19:48

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