7 things ,,**
luv & hate
¨ ..
' ' ,, ??
Դ **
i'm not princess..



do i harasse u ??

do i luv u too much ??


hav u ever luv me ??

hav u ever care about me ??


do u know ,, how l feel right now ??


u won't abandon me .. right ??

u won't make me sad .. right ??


i do my best but at last .. there r nothing !!


u luv me but u don't know who i am !!

u make me laugh , , u make me cry

ur vainnn 'n  ur jerkk k !!

ur cruel 'n evil-minded

that all shameful !!


u , the only person i luv, r running away from me today.

u, the one who understood me previously, r not returning to me.

if u were not around tomorrow, how 'd i b walking along?

i don't want anyone else by my side other than u !!


what 'd i do as u r probably not returning !?**

sorry .. i've to strong 'n leav u behind

i can't waste time..



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Posted on Sat 17 Jan 2009 22:39