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Hello Sat


Today I got up early I didn't know why coz last night I try to sleep early like I thought but I couldn't.

Then after got up the first thing i always do was open my computer then searched the web. Sound rubbish but make me happy when I stay in India.

The begin of next month I will ask for leave. My plan ,I will back to TH then I will go to Sin next day. Do some business nothing much just absorb good ozone. It doesn't mean that in Thai no good ozone but just do sth there, that's it. (Why I have to excuse??)555

In India hardly found the nice air, every where almost dusty. That's ok , so far I stay in Mumbai 6 months. It's so long and can make me adjust myself with the pollution here. I get immunity from India. 555 I am so strong and compose moreover calm. Think in possitive I am quite ok.

My life now still be ok and later on it gotta be better and better just wait I know it doesn't take a long time.

Last night I calculated expenses for the trip. It was not expensive for cost of airticket. I think I can afford all. In my plan I have to stay in Sin 4 nights then I will back to TH , I will buy some stuff from Th. Then before I leave I will go to see my grandma and my mom who always support me everytimes and everything I do. I love you all. But I have to arrange my trip, coz I have many things to do, I don't want to miss a thing even one thing.

First thing I have to get flt at least 3 flts within this month , I will try my best to get it coz I saw my sis when she back she call up rostering then she get flt again soon. Difference from me I have to wait 2 weeks then i just got flt on 23/3/09. How they manage the work like this ? Irrational system. I have never met the 5 star company do like this. I try to think on possitive way that it's ok and they will arrange for me soon and soon. But when the day passed I can realize that it'not better but it's going worse. Moreover make me suffer every day. How come??

The things as I figured it out , just smiled and accepted in every things. What do you think if I always accept, eventually I will be the same type of them. So scared !!

I don't want to teach them their job and at the same time I don't want them bother my job either. Just do their work and do with good management , how is difficult? Don't piss me off and freak me out !! I will loss my temper soon if they still go the same.

Haiss , I just said must smile and every things will be ok , why I forgot.. So pity I am.

1 thing I will always do , smile + think in possitive way, I hope which help me to pass the tough thing.

Thanks fate to give me this chance coz it make me stronger and mature.

by Nutji

9.58 am Mumbai's time



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Posted on Sat 21 Mar 2009 11:32

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