I was so mad at myself 
I should have save this 
I lost it :'/
now I've to type everything all over again 
d*** it

it's ok 
I'll just post some pictures =)

We were shower together. huhu 
July was naked OvO
and so ... 
haha don't think too much he's a teddy-bear 
and if he's a real human I would do that 
jkjk I won't. I'm such a nice girl =D 


I didn't have much time acting in front of the camera for a while

cause I have to do my works and I look so bad too

look at the pic doesn't come out good but it natural haha


today our school had a sport assembly in second period

which I think it muchh better than the past years

oh, the cheerleaders were cool I like when they kicked their legs in the air

imagine it. I couldn't high jump. it would be real funny seeing my under skirt

ambarassing >///<
no short skirt please, my legs aren't look good. they're not at all 

my body isn't good I should cover a lot XD

korean club did soooo well I like it I like the dance, I love dancing

they danced 'Genie - Girl Generation' I can't dance this song yet. don't have time to practise

a few days ago, hunnii sent me two adorable pictures

they're truely cute

august & boat <3


I think I eat too much now

I could see my tummy OMB!!   O.O

real scary and spooky

but hunnii said that's nice haha

you love to hug me then it will be ok right ^-^

haha don't stop loving me because I'm getting fat ok  lol

I said the truth tho ^u^

fluffy is cuter than skinny right right

I don't need to have bikini shape right

and you won't stare at prettier sexier women too much right

(I know I couldn't stop you to just have a glance at girls)

haha don't take it serious I'm just playing around

that's no good at all I know =[


in the end of today

august & july

will say

"Hasta luego" ("See you later")

honey, if you didn't read yesterday journal
look up at the left you'll find a link to go back
and read mine


<< He got a big opportunitysaturday >>

Posted on Sat 26 Sep 2009 9:47



begin Oct
He got a big opportunity
Hearts and Flowers


Priscilla, I do miss you!

and so do you? right :)

july was naked, haha

did you take him to shower?

yeah, i know you like to dance. join the korean club then, =]

lets have fun.

and dont worry about pretty or not. I just love you as who you are.

keep healthy.
that's what i want you to be :)

Sat 26 Sep 2009 16:53 [1]

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