flower in my heart+the begining of perfection and maturity.


<< Goodbye stress.Love You >>

Posted on Sat 23 May 2009 19:11



I don't want it. Take it back.
I'll quit for sure.
when the parallels meet
my heart will go on
A big thanks to the greatest person in the world
always keep it in my mind
The door is opened, get out and go on, girl.
Spiritual Growth
Little bear's quest, the first episode--"How to become hero."
Three bears' love--ever ever after. ^^
Lucky and Lucky again.
Little space for being a child.
Let's go to work
Love You
flower in my heart+the begining of perfection and maturity.
Goodbye stress.
Come back home
Better things come alive.
I'm freezed.
Saturday of sleep+laptop n' noodles ^^'
a memorial to N H library, my lovely one.
seems like confusing...but not.
missing u+happy birthday to Kaeky
being a trainee ~ so tired but happy ^.^"
Wanna be the angel+Hello sweet Sunday
when i fall in love with you~
รู้สึกดี feeling good
hello happiness.
Our love paradise.
My wonderful life that isn't just series.
Salade de fruit, jolie jolie jolie.
I wanna workkkkkkkk


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