The Way We Were*

Jan 21st, Singapore

At the beautiful hotel Mandarin Oriental, in the heart of Singapore..I was crying. I was sitting in front of Michael in Morton's Steakhouse. Things should have been smooth if I didn't find out what's really going on. But the more I try to find the truth, the more I hurt. But I cann't just pretending everything is the same. Finally I know that he has someone else in Hong Kong, and they are seems happy together. The whole time we were together in Singapore, but he missed someone else so much. He still not confront me the truth, but for any reasons I respect him. 

He doesn't know that I know, or maybe he just doesn't want to hurt me by telling the truth. But it hurt me the most that the person who asked for my trust, my honesty, my patient, and my understandings, just turned his back from me and left it all behide. I don't blame anyone, but would rather to take it all. He is there and I am here, and he deserve someone who is with him and make him happy. Doesn't mean that I dont want to be that person next to him, but if I couldn't be...I would be happy for him.

"I am sitting here before you, as the person who feel so much for you, and do care for you so much. I dont know what are you doing there, and what's going on? But if it makes you are happy,I will be happy for you. If I cann't be happy with you, I will be happy for you. And if one day when you are ready, and you think you want me to be a part of it....I will be very happy to be with you. You are special person, no matter what's happened, you will always be. And if you never heard this from me " I LOVE YOU"..

And for you, Nerdie if you come across to read this one day.Do me a favour, please take the photo book that I gave you on our 1st anniversary, and look through it. And it will remind our time together, and "THE WAY WE WERE". It will be always in my memories and my heart forever..

 The Way We Were                ---The end----



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Posted on Wed 23 Jan 2008 8:44

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