icecream in Hong Kong Day3>>Wong Tai Sin&City Gate
icecream in Hong Kong>>Ocean Park
icecream first time aboard.
Preparing to Hong Kong.
ȤԹҧ & ¹
We are back!!



icecream first time aboard.

ҨͧͧԹͧ Cathay Pacific 08:45.
¤ҵͧԹ 6 觡͵ͧ蹵 4 !!
ͤ׹֡ҡ ˹ѧеͧա
͹ ˹ѧ͡ ˹ٷѧѺ 仢ö
ǹлҡҡҢͧǡҵ ͺ 3 ͼТͧǡѹ ǹػó쪧˹ ա

ҹ硫ѹ件֧ʹԹóԵ͹ 6 ʹ ˹١ҵ硫 :)
icecream first time aboard
ٵǡѺһء(data) ǹªҷ駪ش͹ :P

梹Ҵ ʹԹءҹ仴¼餹ԧ
ҨԹҧǺԹ CX2754 Bangkok-Hong Kong 12APR08 0845
ͧ Infant ˹͹ ˹ҡҤҹǹ
ҹҡ վ褹֧й baby bulk seat ຺
͡边ѡҹ check in (繤չ) ٴҿѧѹ ͹֧ͧ
request baby meal Ҷ͡͹ͧ ͡
ҡ͡Ҩ о ͺسФ

ͨѴͧ check in º ҡͧ仴ҹ Ǩ˹ѧԹҧ
icecream first time aboard
ǧȡҧ 餹˹蹡ѹԧ ͤǡѹ͹ѹ ҹҧԴ
١ҵ ͧ黹ѧѹ˹ ^v^

ʹͧͧѹ͹ͧա зҹҡѹҹ Mango's Tree() ҹ Ӫ -_-"
icecream first time aboard
˹ҵҴ ǡҡ л觪ش Ham Steak ǹ觼Ѵ
˹ҹ駢ͧл ^^
ͺЫԺ Ҥᾧ٩¤ ѧ͡͡¹

ҧѹ ˹稡ҡ͡Թ蹫
ǡҷءµͧѴѹҹ Ѵѹ˹ ˹ʹء˭ ҹ ͡ҹ ᨡ澹ѡҹءҹ "3

ͷҹѹ Թ蹴ҹǧ㹹
icecream first time aboard
ǧ繪ǧʧҹ ҧʹԹѴٴ ǵҧҵʹ㨡ѹ˭ ׹١ѹ
ǡҡ١ѹѡѡǡԹ价 Gate ѹա
ǹ蹨˹ ٴѧ͹
ǹŴö ҽҡ˹ͧ ˹ö仴 ʺ¢ ԹŹҴ͹ѹ

icecream first time aboard
лҶٻʹԹ Ѻǡ˹ 仡 ҡŹ wide...ҹ

͡ѹ仫ѡѡ ͧԹоͧҶ֧ лªǹ件ٻ繷֡ѹ˹
icecream first time aboard

繡Թҧ仵ҧȤáͧ˹ ѹԧ˹ҡ͹¤駹֧
͹˹ѧ㹷ͧ ^v^

Ͷ֧ҡͧ ҡҡö繢ͧ˹Ѻ ǡҷ
ͺ ͧ˹硫 ͧҹ͹ land ^^

ǡ֧ҵ ͹ͧ ءҧº仴´
л ӵٵ ˹١Թ ǡ蹡Ѻ˹§ູʹ
ͧº ¡ᨡͧ ˹١ѺҴ ^v^
icecream first time aboard
ʹ ҧբͧشѺ¹ ѡҡ^^
硤ҡҴٻк蹡ѹ ˹ ˹ѧѧ ¡ҹкիͧ :P
͹ա ˹˹¤

ا෾-ͧ Թҧҳ 3 ҡ蹨ꡨѹҺͧ
ͧŧ л ٵա ˹ҡ¤ ʹԹҧ ͧѡ ѡҡ^v^

Ҷ֧ 硤
icecream first time aboard
˹٨ ҺԹաȹ֧

ҧҧҡ ͻлͧӷʹԹ˹ л¾١Թǧ˹仡͹
͹͡ҡ秧硹 աͺǹ֧ҽҡö˹ͧ͹ѹ ١ҹö
Թ件 Һ͡Ҿѡҹ˹һе
չ Դҷѧ䧴 лҡԹ 仺͡лǡѺ ͧԹѺšҹա
ǹԴ Mobile Roaming кͧ CDMA еͧ¹ͧ ҡ Դ˹˹¡ѹ ͧѾ͡
˵ءóµԴ͡ѹЧ -_-"
µѴԹ觡Ѻ价ͧԹ ҡ
件֧ ѡҹǫѡ ǻе˹ҷ͡ҡö աҧ
ö繢ͧ˹еѧͧ ҧⴴẺʹ ʧèѧöժ

!! Mame lost in Hong Kong!!

ٻ仹 ٻлҶ ·
ҧҧʹԹ еͧ Ferry Transfer ա͹֧
icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
Ȥš 蹵ҵ˭ ͧͧ仵ʹҧ

icecream first time aboard
ҧ褹ҨѺö˹پѺ ˹仡͹

⪤չзͺ лҾͧ ҵͧöʹԹ͹
ѡ ǡ÷ж 㨵ö ǡǹҢŧ жöѹ价 ŧ ǡҨСѺѧ䧴

icecream first time aboard
㹷شҡѹ @^v^@ !!

лҶ˹ ͧҧԹҧö١лҿѧ...仹
ҡ鹡ͼҹ immigration 觤ǡ͹ѹ Ǵ͹ ¼ҹʺ

icecream first time aboard

͡ǡѺ ǻлҡҷء价 Virgo ͺ ҺԹҡѺ Cathay contact Ѻ Virgo öç ѧ city tour աѹ

ҧͤ л½ҡ觫ѧɷشǡ繤Դͧö
ǹлҨ仫ͺѵ Octopus 繺ѵ Survival 㹡Թҧͧ
͹˹ҹл֡Ңҧ ҫͷдǡش ǻлҡ͡Թ Krispy Kreme Һ͡բ airport
icecream first time aboard
ͧԹ仨ش¤ Ҩ ⪤շ鷢µ Octopus ѹ
ԹԵѾҹҹ Krispy Kreme ǹҴ ǧѹ 5 1
icecream first time aboard
͡緹֧ ͧԹ ҧԴ
Ҥ¡Ѻ(pompampompam)ѧ ֧ KK ͧ ͧ仫ͷ...ҹ
˹ҵͧ͡աͺ ҡѧ¢ͧԧѧ

ͻлҫ͵ Octopus ء稡ԹѺ ҡ觫͵ Airport Express ...
лҺغ ԹҧͧԸչᾧش ֡лҳ 100 ­
硺͡ Virgo þç ҨЫ͵ҡ 200 ­ « Airport Express ᷹ һѴ令觹֧
лҺ͡ Virgo ҡ Bus 仢 MTR лѴҡѹ

˹˹ ֧Ըչᾧش Ƿش շ здǡʺ´ ѺҤ лѴ
icecream first time aboard
Airport Express
icecream first time aboard
Ȥͧ˭ ͡ҹԴ˹ ͡ҹ觶ѧ ¹硹

ҧҧҼҹ Disneyland ŧ лл֡Ҩҡ Disneyland ᾧ ͧ蹡 ͤǡ 椧繢ǹô Ȥѧ ѧʹ ¨价 Ocean Park ᷹
ҹҶ֧ʶҹջ·ҧ öաǹ֧ ҡͧѧࡵ˹мҹçͧǡŴ

öʢѺ觾 ҳǡѺöǺҹ 㨨 ж᤺ ѧТѺա
icecream first time aboard
ҡҶ֧çͧ Panorama
ԹҴԧ ͧСЪ鹪Դҧ ԴҨçҧ

icecream first time aboard
çҴ ⶧ Һ͡çԴͧ
ǹ 2 ١ҹ͹蹤¡ѹ˹ Lobby ǹлҡ˹ҷҾ

icecream first time aboard
Ҵͧ͹ͧҡѹҧ... ¨ԧ ҡ͹ǹ^^

icecream first time aboard
ͧӡѺͼҤ ͧ ٴ

icecream first time aboard
Ǩҡͧ ´硹 ѹһԴ ҡʴ ͹͡
ͧͧ͹ ǹͧͧ ᢡѧ check out ǡѹԹ KK ͧҡѹ͹

á лҧ Ƿ Wong Tai Sin(ѧ¹) Ѻ Chi Lin Nunnery(Ѵҧ) ʶһѵ¡ͧչؤҪǧѧ
٨ҡ Ҥ件֧ѹ ǨлԴС͹ ͡ǡѹʺǡѹ
ҧлҵѴԹ ˹Һ 觵ǫ ˹١㹪ش

͡Թҧѹ Go!!!

çʶҹö俿Ҵ ṹ 10

ҡ˹ѧ觪ͻ駷 Causeway Bay ѹ͹ :)
icecream first time aboard
֡͡ŧһǹͧ֡ ҡѧͧҧͧ繢ҧ͡ѧ

icecream first time aboard
ҡԹ Times Squares
繡 ¡¡ѹԹ ǡѴ͡ѹ
ǡ л ǡȤ ¡Թǡѹ

ԹԹ ͡ѹ͹ҹѴѴ ªǹѹáԹѹա
icecream first time aboard
ͧͧͧԹҧ ҹҧ ١ͺ йҹѹ ҡ
˹ٷҹ仹Դ˹¡ҹ Դ Baby food ˹ٷҹ ˹աԴ˹ͧ

ѧѹ Թ蹡ѹ
icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
繻Ҩչ лҶٻ˹

icecream first time aboard
Ƿ Ͷͧлҡ·çا෾ ѧ֧ 2 ҷԵ ҡ ~>_<~
աѹԹҧͧ л¾ҫѾͶҹ
ҹ觤çӢͧ¹ ^^

icecream first time aboard
ٻѺ֡٧ ͺѡ

лԹ ٻ仫ѡѡ˹ ҷ觾ѡѹ
ǻлҡ͡ҹô µç
icecream first time aboard
Թ л觪Ҽ᷹^v^

蹫ѡѡ ǹѹԹ蹵
ͧҹҡҹ֧ ͤǫ͡ѹ Ҩ 仵ͤǫ͡
icecream first time aboard
ѧ ԴҢҷʾҹҴ ǡѹ ѧͧ ʪҴ͹ѹ

ҡ鹡дա ԹͷشѴѹ ʹҡٴ ¾Ȥ仴١ѹ
ͤú ¹ʶҹѹա
лҺ͡Թҧ价 Highlight ͧѹ Avenue of Stars
icecream first time aboard
MRT ˹͹ö лա^^

ʴ͹ 2 ѧա ô ªǹѹԹ(ա)
icecream first time aboard
ͧԹ Mc ͧ͡ ^^

͹觪樹 Թ价 Avenue of Stars
еͧԹ㹵֡ Ƿ͡ҷ
icecream first time aboard
Һ͡仨Ѻͧ͹ Ͷ֧Ҩ

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
ٻ˹令 ^v^

icecream first time aboard
icecream first time aboard
ͺҴ Ƿ֡ҡ͹ Symphomy of Lights л й͹ ҡ˹
ҡлҴٴ¡ѹ ͺѹ˹ ͺҾѡ Hyatt ҫ
͹鹻зѺҡ ¨ԧ ͺл¾ҡѺͧҴ١ѹ

icecream first time aboard
¾͹ Hollywood ¢ͫ˹ ^^

icecream first time aboard
ٻ ҡѹ ѡչ

icecream first time aboard
ٻԹŧ ͧҴѧԧ
˹¤ лҺ͡ٻ鹺 ҧҡ

icecream first time aboard
Թͺ öѹѡ ѹʴ ¾˹件ٻ^^

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
! ;ѹҾ Ͷٻաѡ㺡͹

icecream first time aboard
´ ѹͧԴ ͹͡ŧ Ҿ

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
ҷͤ¡Ҷ֧ Symphony of Lights
ŧع件֧ 40 ҹ­ͧ
´㹷 ¤ҵͧ餹褹Ǻ

´·駹ҵ蹵ҵ ͡ŧ ʧ §ŧҴ
лͺҶ¡ô ¶ٻ˹

icecream first time aboard
...ըѧ·˹ʷѹ :)

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard

١ѹ˹ çաҧҡ ¡Ѻѹա

icecream first time aboard
ҧҧԹѺ ͧҹʴö ҡ͡ öᾧѺ駹

Ң͵ǡѹ͡ҡ͹ա ˹蹷ѹѧ͹
icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard

չзлҴἹ ͧҡѹŧ

ҡҹ֧٨չ жٻѹѡ˹
icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard

icecream first time aboard
5-6 Ҿ վʹҾҾ лҺҨѴ compose աҧҡ
ҹ Ѵٻ

Թ仨ͺж֧çҹ¢ͧԹç лҡԴҡԹ(ա)
icecream first time aboard
Ыҫ˹ ͡ лҡҧԹͧ
icecream first time aboard

ҧлҫͧ͢ ˹٢仾ѡ͹ͧ͹
Һ¹ش͹˹ ˹١Թ຺Դ˹ ʹٴ ǹ¡Ѻ

ͻлҡѺҡҹ觪Թ÷Ш Ǵըԧ
лҪǹԹ ѧ ª͡仪鹹֧
Һ ǡźʹ仾١ա

ѹ˹¨ԧ 觹ҵ͡ѹФ




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