Bye Bye

Bye Bye

Finally.....all the disturbance are overed!! I did complete all the RS document with MH... I feel free and relax, but on the other hands a bit worried about my future....

Actually I do not want to leave MH like this, but no choice while I'm in the middle of this many pressures.... Try not to be sad later with the thing I have done.

I just feeled that why this kind of situation is happend again..seems like this is the 4th place that I did not leave it for good.....But I just really can't take it anymore....May be in the future I need to be more clam..... All of my patience is running out from myself...

I have learned that I may need to be more aggressive and more brave..these could help me to go through all the situation better.... 

Better leave it and let's learn from it.....I will not think about it anymore....Just move on....

OK, More aggressive & More Brave! START IT!!




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Posted on Fri 21 Mar 2008 21:45


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