Hiso Go HongKong





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Hiso Go HongKong
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Send Yuhan back to Bangkok

Hiso Go HongKongI have no work again today. Just sit and wait for sign out at 6PM.its another Boring Day again.

Hiso Go HongKong



Hiso Go HongKongI accompany Yuhan at Midvalley for changing moneyHe sorry, SHE will go to Hong Kong soon this weekend, I wanna join actually. She converts RM2000 but can get around $400 something.


Hiso Go HongKongAfter changing money we have diner at Chicken Rice Shop in Midvalley that my favorite. Her flight to Bangkok around 10PM, I think. I drop her at KL central and send my regard Najma, Zuko and Thai friends in Bangkok I hope her does not forgethaha.


Hiso Go HongKong

Hiso Go HongKongPkeaw's luggage is still in my car because Yuhan lazy to bring back Thailand. Inside that are VCD and I will send it back to Yuhans apartment later when she is back.


Hiso Go HongKong

Hiso Go HongKongI reach home almost 9 and call back my hometown by using SKYPE through my love PSP and call Yuhan as well. She is online at Airport.




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ú͡Թ¤ҧҡ 䧡ͨҡѹ ҹԹ纷˹
Tue 27 May 2008 19:25 [4]

ù Ѿ
Wed 19 Mar 2008 10:55 [3]

... Ҥس硼˭ԧǡ... ԩѹԹշ駻 :P
Jeffrey :D   
Fri 7 Mar 2008 11:31 [2]

ԨҤسͧѹ繷... ͺ˹§ͧС

Ps. ҽҡҴ
Jeffrey :D   
Thu 6 Mar 2008 13:19 [1]

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