My Vacation - 2 - ...

[ August 12, 2010 ]


- Continue from Vacation 1 - ..end..

10 days in Thailand...


As mommy wrote on last diary, nobody know about this trip. Mommy wanted to surprise every one. Because the date when I was arrival it was Mother's day in Thailand. I want to made this day special.. ^^


My Vacation 2


After you, Haya, aunt June and uncle Aim picked me up in the Airport, we headed to our home at Khao Yai Thieng. Take about 3-4 hrs to drive.

Ta, Yai, auntie Sao and her parents were home waiting for you guys to have dinner.

On the way we were going home, auntie Oh called and let mommy know that Yai was thinking that mommy might be in Thailand right now, because mommy didn't call to say "Happy Mother's Day" to Yai..  Auntie Oh said "when you were at the Airport, you should call mom"..

Well, I didn't think about that after I had accident. But auntie Oh told Yai about the accident and said I might be busy about that.. :P


My Vacation 2

"In the pictures No. 3, Yai was looking for me"  ^^


We got to the restaurant before them. Mommy had to hide so they won't see me. I walked away and took some pictures while waiting for them.

When they got here, Yai kept asking Elizabeth, "where is mommy?.. where is mommy?"  We trained Elizabeth very good. She said nothing.. lol

Mommy walked to them and said "Surprise!!".. Yai was screaming and said "I know you will be here."  Mommy gave Ta and Yai a hug and sawasdee every one.

I was so happy that we were together on a special day.


My Vacation 2

"We lighted the candles and sang for the Queen"

((I can't think another words for this))


Ohh, mommy sorry that I didn't mention about Theresa at all.. You were surprise too. You came sit next to mommy and gave mommy a hug.. I was crying when I see you, because you get so big after you left the USA. 

After dinner, we went back home. Mommy bought jasmine flower garlands (I hope I spell it right) for Yai and Grandma Chai.


My Vacation 2


Mommy said sorry to Yai and every one, if mommy have done something wrong in the past that made every one got upset and asked them for the forgiving... and again we were cried.


Mommy was so tried since I had a long day on the plane. I took a shower and went to bed..


My Vacation 2

"Theresa and Elizabeth with Haya"



[ August 13, 2010 ]


Today we got up early, because mommy want to go to the Temple. And only Ta that can drive there for mommy.

We all go together except auntie Jun, Haya, uncle Aim, auntie Sao and her parents.

You all know why mommy go there.. Mommy hope every thing will get better for us.


My Vacation 2


After the temple, we drove to Pattaya to surprise everybody that mommy know.. lol

We went to have dinner with auntie Nhoi and uncle Franco. He make every good pasta and lasagna..

Yai called auntie Nhoi and said that we would like to have dinner there, could you make spagetti for me? But Yai didn't tell her that mommy was going with them too.

When we got to their condo, mommy had to wait outside and have Yai, Ta and Theresa go in first. Mommy and Elizabeth were waiting about 15 minutes and then mommy had Elizabeth ring the bell.

When uncle Franco opened the door, he was wondering why Elizabeth was outside alone.. Then mommy showed up. we all gave hugs


My Vacation 2

"Tall Tower in Pattaya. I forgot the name of this place."


Auntie Nhoi hug me very tight. Well, they were worried about me since mommy became a single mom..

They couldn't believe that mommy so strong and can handle everything.. What can I do?? I have to, because I have 2 girls to takecare.. I can't give up and that will never happen..



[ August 14, 2010 ]


Today mommy went out to meet my friends (Ning, Aor, Pen, auntie June and I) and Aor is your Godmother. We planed to do some shopping and find some place that we can have dinner and enjoy night life.. lol


My Vacation 2

"There is your Godmother, second picture on the top"


Before shopping we stopped to got some energy.. The food was so yummy.. I missed Thai food.

We went to shopping @ Union Mall since 12-6 pm.. Can you believe we were shopping for 6 hours. Well, that's the girl!! when you grow up you will understand.. hahaha  And I didn't buy as much as I thought.. :P


My Vacation 2

"( Lek, Ning, Pen, Joy, Aor ) German Tawandang Brewery"


After shopping, we went back to auntie Pen's house to changed clothes and pick up her husband (uncle Tor)

In the picture, you can see auntie Pen was putting make-up for me.. ^^

For a party at night, we went to German Tawandang Brewery. The food was very good. Mommy didn't drink at all.. But I was dancing all night..

We had so much fun, mommy got home about 2 am.. Long day and night!!

When mommy got home, Elizabeth was throwing up. I couldn't get to sleep, because you were sick.


[ August 15, 2010 ]


Since Elizabeth throwed up last night. Mommy told Ta to take us to the hospital to have doctor check on her.

We were there half day. And doctor said Elizabeth had H1N1. They want to admit her, but mommy didn't have them do that.. Because we have to go to the US Embassy to make a new passport for Elizabeth.

If she admit, she won't be able to come with me and I don't think she had H1N1.


My Vacation 2


What I think was the hospital want my money, because we have no insurance there. I paid almost 6,000 baht for just checking and some blood test, but they didn't show result from that..

Then we went to the mall to get haircut together, mommy and daughter.. ^^


My Vacation 2


After haircut we went to clinic to recheck if Elizabeth has that virus. And doctor at the clinic said she is fine, she throwed up because the food not digested. And Yai told me that Elizabeth was eating lots of Rambutan. So that might be the reason.


My Vacation 2



My Vacation 2


[ August 16, 2010 ]


Today we went to the US Embassy for Elizabeth's passport, because your passport was expired and you need that for go back to USA.

Mommy came to Thailand because I want to take you with me. And can go to school in September, I was calling the airline to get a seat for you, but.. but.. no seat..


My Vacation 2


When we done with the passport, we drove to Sattahip. Mommy had to light firecrackers for my wishes.

Mommy and Yai did together. You can see the picture below.


My Vacation 2

"Thai Navy Base"


My Vacation 2


My Vacation 2



[ August 18, 2010 ]


Today was a relaxing day. Mommy didn't have things much left to do. Only pack the bags for tomorrow.

So, I called auntie Kae to have dinner. We met auntie Kae at Central Bangna and we had dinner at S&P restaurant. Mommy didn't eat much, because I was upset that I couldn't take Elizabeth back with me. Y_Y


My Vacation 2


After we have dinner with auntie Kae, we walked around the mall. Then we said "good bye" and gave hugs. Thank you for being such a good friend to me, Kae.. I missed you. We will meet again when I go to Thailand, okay?? ^^


[ August 19, 2010 ]


I really didn't want this day to come, because that's mean I have to go back to the USA without Elizabeth. So sad though, be apart for 6 months and when I would like you to come with me and I couldn't. Why I have no luck at all? _ _"

Well, at least you are happy here. You stay with Ta, Yai and Theresa that love you. Time will goes fast and we will be together again.


My Vacation 2


Today we woke up at 5:00 am, because mommy have to check in before 8:00 am. Mommy was so tired. Since got here I didn't have enough time to rest. Well, I can rest when I get back home, right?

I was so happy that I did spend time with you guys and all the familys here. Only thing that I haven't done was the go visit my grandmother. I missed and love her so much.


My Vacation 2

"You are everything"


We didn't have much time at the Airport, because mommy have to get inside. I didn't want to leave. We all cried.. 

You know how I felt, right? Mommy didn't want this to happen. Someday our life will be easier.. Pleas believe me. I will do everything to make our life better..


My Vacation 2

"Mommy like this picture."


After we all said "Good bye". Mommy walked out with tears. It was hard to walk away..  

When I got in the airplane I was sleeping the whole time.. I was really tired.


My Vacation 2

"Taipei Airport"


My Vacation 2


This trip was wonderful.. ^^


Love Liz and Ther,


P.S. I miss P'Ji, K.Dao and everybody too.. P'Ji ka, I have something to tell you la ka. When I have a chance I will email you na ka.. You are the best sister!!! oops.. I have to say beside my real sister.. lol  this way she won't get mad at me, rigth P'Ji?


Thank you...

@ 58879


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