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Watson Bay, Manly Beach, King Cross, Woolloomooloo Bay, Royal Botanic Garden
เที่ยว Blue Mountain Sydney NSW Australia
เที่ยว Adelaide กัน
Oz-China tn Food, Bondi Tamarama Bonte Coogee และการร่ำลา
ท่องโลกที่ ซิดนีย์
The 6th week in Sydney.
The 5th week.
SCE, Bondi and Jippylovelove
The 3rd week.





  The 6th week in Sydney. 


Next week is the sixth week that I've been here. It might be my destiny to have many  foreign friends. Yeah, I have problems with language and culture but sometime it's seem not to be nessessary with some friends.
This last week I assisted EVAR and femoroanterotibial bypass. For EVAR I assisted Prof. Stephen, he use Metronic graft It's easy to use that similar to Gore graft but Gore has the important thing different. It can be re-deploy the proximal anastomosis for around three times.
But I'm still not trust in Gore's infrarenal fixation.
Any way last Friday 15th Apr 2011, I had no operations. So I start to take photogaphs again. Paddy market is the frist place because I've known from Richard that the jacket were sold here only 13 AUS. And now in the morning it's misery for me to put up with this weather.
Today plan is Paddy market, Darling Harbour, Opera hourse in twilight time.
The 6th week in Sydney
Now It's open on Wednesdays ^^
The 6th week in Sydney
The train's running pass during I'm walking to Darling Harbour.
But I hope It's many deca years for me to use it :)
The 6th week in Sydney
Last Wednesday Claudia
(Austria medical student) has told me
 there was Harmony Music Festival here, Chinese Garden for Friendship.
With this name make me feel delighted
to see tempting bronze long hair girl
 running to this place.
Each countries have their own boundaries
But friendships are not.
The 6th week in Sydney
Here Darling Harbour. It's easy to take photograph of seagulls here.
So Seagull with Sydney Tower is possible.
The 6th week in Sydney
I still keep walking to National Maritime Museum at the harbour.
There is a attractive black ship.
It's cloudy so I decided to take photo
with feeling
the ship is sailing to the dark world. ^^

16th Apr 2011
Today I decided to Manly Beach but It's raining. Everything felt down :(
The 6th week in Sydney
One thing I could do, Just look outside the windows, hope and pray.
The 6th week in Sydney
But no response.
It's raining along the day.

17 April 2011
In the morning, it's rainning again and quite cold. After it stop, I catched the bus to go to Paddy Market to buy a cap, an umbella. Having a haircut and start taking photographs.
Today plan is going to Mrs.Macquarie's Chair.
The 6th week in Sydney
In front of Chinese Garden of Friendship.
The 6th week in Sydney
At Sydney Entertainment Complex.
The 6th week in Sydney
You can see
Opera Hourse merge to Harbour Bridge in Royal Botanic Garden.
The 6th week in Sydney
There is a small shore, so I keep it in my picture as a forground.
The 6th week in Sydney
Yes, I arrived Lady Macquarie's Chair.
Sit and think, what's Mrs.Macquarie's feeling in 1810
The 6th week in Sydney
Blue sky in Royal Botanic Garden.
The 6th week in Sydney
After finish my lunch.
Before I came back to my dorm,
I prefered to take some photographs of Opera Hourse's texture with this Blue Sky.
The 6th week in Sydney
The first one.
The 6th week in Sydney
Differrent site.
The 6th week in Sydney
And the last one
I think heaven is not far away from here.


<< The 5th week.ท่องโลกที่ ซิดนีย์ >>

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