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ͧҷҧ ...

To who give a lesson ...
Someone good at it ,good at give people a lesson.
Terrible lesson , awful though , ugly idea , etc ...
Everything in dark side way.
Have to thank you for them.
Poor people.

To my bro ...

Every words you waste your time to split it out to me.
There is much more value and it is worth to me so much.
Thank you for your concern.
And thank you for ' You're my sis ' ,thank you again.
You have my word , i will try like i promise.
And won't let you down.

To my sis ...
I always have you in my mind if you're not here.
I feel warm everytime i think of you.
Thank you ,thank you and thank you.

To my nearly friend ...
Thank you again for something which give me courage.
To make me brand new and be strong for this cruel world.
Thank you for you two.

To my baby ...
Don't be sorry when you feel that you can't do anything.
Just because you can't do anything doesn't mean you are nothing.
Beside by me is more than anything that i can call right now.
Thank you to be something for now, it's mean a lot to me.




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Posted on Fri 20 Oct 2006 23:52
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