Miss Me, don't cha!!!




Dear My Little girl,

This is going to be a short update!!  Mommy wants to finish up putting your clothes away.  You are not using the 0 to 3 month sizes anymore.  You are now wearing 3 to 6!!!

What a big girl!!!!



On Wednesday;  

Green Grammy called and wanted to come over.  She also mentioned that Grandpappy craved some Thai food.  Mommy had no problem at all.


Miss Me don t cha


Shortly after Grammy called, Daddy came home from work.  He worked all day and all night on Tuesday by the way.  Even though he was tired but he wanted to play with you.  He must miss his daughter very much!!!! 


Since you were taken care of, Mommy might as well go take a shower and I did.  When I came down, I saw both of you were out.  I thought it was cute:)


Miss Me don t cha



We had a great time with Grammy and Grandpappy, especially when we sang Old McDonald song together.  Grandpappy is very well-known of making a duck sound.  That is why we sometime call him Grandpa Duck!!! 


Miss Me don t cha



We were hoping to have them stay over night but they had to work early. Grammy and Grandpappy hung out with us for three hours and then droved back to Bloomington.


Miss Me don t cha



On Thursday;

Mommy wanted to go to the park but it was raining all day (including today), so she decided to go to the Mall instead.  She wanted to get a nursing bra at the Motherhood store but they didnt carry her size :(


Miss Me don t cha


My little girl was looking around and felt asleep eventually.


I got to run now.


I love you!!!


Miss Me don t cha




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Posted on Sat 13 Sep 2008 2:08


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